10 Tips for Boosting Breast Milk Supply

Increasing the amount of breast milk for every mother is a need and a necessity for the growth of the baby. Babies can get fussy whenever they find it hard to access ample breast milk. It is for this reason that many mothers supplement their milk with formula milk and other forms of the milk. Breast milk contains nutrients that not only help the baby to grow fast but provide immunity for the baby as it grows. Here are 10 tips on how to increase milk supply for your baby.

Boosting Breast Milk Supply


The kind of food you eat will increase or lower your breast milk production. Dairy products, oatmeal and lots of fluids are the Holy Grail to an increased milk supply. Ensure you eat ample food at this time. Avoid any urges to diet as you will naturally increase weight as you get the baby to where it is supposed to be health-wise. Take foods with a lot of calcium too as this will be drawn from your body in large quantities. A balanced diet is crucial as the baby milk will be comprised of the foods that you take in.

Right bra size

The best bra size when breastfeeding sits e one that allows the breasts to enlarge naturally. Do not insist on wearing your previously owned bras as your breast size will increase significantly. Wear bra that allows expansion without restricting the flow of milk. There are quite some breastfeeding bras out there that you can try. You can also avoid wearing them when in the house just to allow more accumulation of milk for the baby.

Nurse more

Nursing more naturally increases the supply of milk to the breasts. Milk will naturally flow as the baby suckles more. The breast milk will be regulated to as often as the baby suckles which is why you should do it more often for the baby to get more. This will mean pumping the milk every once in a while to increase the supply further.

Switch breasts when feeding

Ensure that you change the baby between the breasts as he suckles to increase the flow of milk. Doing this every often the child gets bored from suckling, to keep it interested, it is wise that you do this early to get the baby used to suckle both sides.

Drink warm fluids

Warm fluids will trigger a substantial flow of milk from the breasts. Do this every time you are about to breastfeed. A warm glass of milk will do wonders at this point.

Avoid stress

Stress will diminish the amount of breast milk intensely. Ensure that you are relaxed during this period and breastfeed when you are not stressed. A happy mom will have plenty of milk and love to offer to the baby.

Stay away from hormonal pills

Hormonal pills will affect the flow and quality of milk to the breast. Avoid any pills at this point for any reason. The body will be spending most of its resources to produce milk for the baby. Hormonal pills may also affect the quality of the milk and hence affect the baby.

Pump after breastfeeding

Pumping after breastfeeding keeps the breast ready to produce more milk. Try pumping for more after the baby is done just to ensure that you are available for longer periods of breastfeeding. This will also help feed the baby from the bottle when you need to rest.

Avoid pacifiers

Pacifiers will damage the breastfeeding pattern. Let the baby only suckle when necessary from you. Pacifies will train the baby to keep sucking even when asleep and get used to the nipple in the mouth.

Give breast milk only

Hook the baby on breast milk only. This will mean that the baby will always want your milk. Formulated milk may provide an alternative that will hook the baby to it and refuse to take your milk in the long run.

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